Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of Cats and Government

Did you know that controversial Al-Watan columnist Fouad Al-Hashem has a TV show now? I think it may be for the election period only, but basically, he interviews one person a night and they've all been either Ministers (Ahmed Baqer) or people running for office.

Anyway, there are those who love him and there are those who hate him. There are those that consider him the worst thing that ever happened to Kuwaiti media. There are those that see him as the true voice of the Kuwaiti citizen. To call him controversial is an understatement. Now I'm saying this because I plan on quoting him, without commenting on my personal feelings or position when it comes to this man. The quote, however, I subscribe to 100%:

On his show, Al-Hashem began discussing his encounter with this old Egyptian teacher. They used to sit together and speak of politics, and social aspects. So he recounts a story that this Egyptian teacher told him, in the following way:

"One day, a man was about to get married. He went to his Father and asked him if he had any pearls of wisdom for him so that his marriage will be long and successful. The Father looks at his son and says 'Do what I tell you, and you will have a long and fruitful marriage'. He went on to tell him to hide a cat under their bed on the night of their wedding (ringing bells anyone?). 'Then, once the cat makes the slightest sound, you quickly grab him from under the bed and execute him in front of your wife'.

The wedding night comes and goes, and the man decides against his Father's advice. He loves his wife very much, and the idea of killing a cat in front of her seemed cruel and arcane. After 40 years of marriage, the man reflects on all that has happened and realized that this woman undermined him, disobeyed him, scolded and even hit him for his entire life. On that day, after another one of her yelling sessions, he decided that he'd had enough. He ran out to the street, found a stray cat and brought it back to the house. After the woman saw her husband kill a cat in front of her, she said "Oh honey, its a little late for that, don't ya think?"

That's the story Fouad Al-Hashem used to describe our Government. I think he hit the nail on the head with that story. Nevertheless, correcting our mistakes is important and reviving the lost prestige of the law is worth the effort.


eshda3wa said...


ya3ni if were at a point ina were getting pearls of wisdom from fouad alhashim

we really are doomed ...

i cant believe i actually agree with anything that man has to say ..

whats next !

Navy Girl said...

lol no seriously guys , i dont like the guy or even hate him .. but sometimes he really yell out the truth that a lot of people cant say !! some other times he is just babbling crazy shit ..

i know its good to try and fix our problems but sometimes its just too late ..

but dont you think he looks funny ?? like that frog ??? lol

Q80 Saracen said...

Eshda3wa: Hehe... The fact is that the Government sometimes does act like that fumbling husband. He wants to make his wife happy, but just doesn't know how and when he wants to put on his angry face, she doesn't really buy it. 7asaafa inna we reached this point. Bes aham shay bil mowthoo3 inna il qanoon laazim yu7tarum. Even if people today are gonna say "tow il naas", in 3 or 5 years, il wuth3 raa7 yikoon 6ubee3y.

Navy Girl: That's what a lot of people say. Especially some old folk who are simply disenchanted with the Government and Parliament. He goes beyond crazy...rude, vulgar and most of the time talks from the hip down. The crazy part is that he knows that he's all these things and doesn't care, lol.

As for fixing our problems, I don't feel like its ever too late. After all, even if our lives are fleeting, the life of the country goes on. Dr. Martin Luther King, for example, never got to live to see a Black President...but without his fight, it would have never happened. Willa ishraayich?

As for his looks...I'm pleading the fifth (ribbit).

Navy Girl said...

yeah i guess your right .. sometimes we can hope that we can fix our problems .. its just that they been trying since ever and we kinda lost hope lol !!

and still a frog with big eyes !! more like it lol ;P