Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

I already spoke on this topic in my earlier post, and you all know where I stand. I just thought its important for us to see what it is we are dealing with here:

Its a shame to see even the most known of the former Members of Parliament go down the level as to say that the reaction of our Kuwait's Police Force as exaggerated and unwarranted. That is how much you want those votes? Why don't you believe that if you went to the tribal areas and explained why what happened had to happen in terms of government reaction, that they may end up agreeing with you? Why don't you believe that even if they don't, you will be representing a more noble principal of a united Kuwait under law, order and democracy as opposed to mob rule? That would have been the braver course of action...the brave are few today.


Ahmed© said...

one DUTCHMEN word for those people in the picture: sh7eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew ya walad! agoolik abk mijaw!

eshda3wa said...

7atan in palistine ma 7athefaw 9akhar hal kobr!

and the police did send someone in at first alkanderi someone, and ghanim elmai3 promised that they will stop and make everyone leave

as he walked out they started the riot
akeed qowat elkha9a will be called in!

Q80 Saracen said...

Ahmed: LOL...inta shoof 7ajim il6abooga ily shayilha il akh.

Eshda3wa: Ay Palistine? This guy is rehearsing for a part in the new Rambo movie hoping that a Hollywood agent will save him from a life of mediocrity...and crappy hair.

3la rassy il quwat il khaasa ow kil wa7id yalbis 3lam liKuwait 3la 9adra.